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We organize a variety of events to help people learn about and get involved with VEGB. From talks to charity drives to community service, this is where you can find out what’s going on, and sign up!

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Interested in connecting with a larger community? We'd love to hear from you! Check out the number of ways to get involved.

Spread the word

Contact us with your genius social media marketing strategy. If we like it, we’ll put you in charge of it.


We look forward to involving more people, spread the word about the issues we deal with and help us achieve more.

You can easily help us by expanding our visibility and presence on various platforms, particularly on-line.

Help us promote VEGB, pass on our information and show your support towards our work.

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Get to know us on Facebook, by simply liking our official VEGB page and inviting your friends to do the same.

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Be an Ambassador

Do you want to spearhead initiatives that inspire mass change? Click below to apply to become an ambassador.


Do you love philanthropy and helping children in need? This position may be great for you. The ambassador position is a chance to be a volunteer leader in our organization. We are looking for a team of world changers!

Here are the duties to being an official lead ambassador. There are many ways to get involved with VEGB, like donations, volunteering, merchandise purchases, etc. We have given some ideas below:

  • Coordinate fundraisers
  • Volunteer on event committees & recruit sponsors, volunteers & donations for events
  • Promote VEGB on social media


Let us know below how you want to get involved and we can get you involved!

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Host an Event

We need people! If your up for hosting events and help us to fundraise projects, we want to hear from you.


VEGB is encouraging businesses, governments, academic institutions, arts/music organizations or whoever is interested to host events to fundraise VEGB’s projects. From concerts, exhibitions…, organizations and individuals can play a pivotal role in advancing commitments, driving awareness.

Apply here to host your own event and help VEGB

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Come Work for Us

Are you a leader who shares our passion for social change? If your up to the challenge, submit your creds below.


Interested in working for us? Please send us your details.


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